The ABB-Welcome IP is an innovative door communication system suitable for all building types. The advantage of the IP-based networking lies in the endless expandability of the system and simple implementation of all components.

Distance without limits

WIth ABB-Welcome IP technology, it is possible to overcome spatial differences and connect any number of houses (or apartments or offices) through the door communication system. Property management can thus monitor all entrances, greet visitors and grant them controlled access from a centralised point.

Any number of devices

With ABB-Welcome IP, even large building complexes and high rises can be equipped perfectly with an easy-to-install door communication system that leaves nothing to be desired. Any number of devices can be implemented – from indoor and outdoor stations, to smoke detectors or CCTV security cameras.

ABB-Welcome IP set up

Multi-channel technology

Thanks to the IP technology, the building occupiers are always accessible to visitors. Any number of flats or offices can be contacted by different outdoor stations at the same time. A flat or office can also be called by more than one outdoor station. Occupiers thus never miss a visitor.

Maximum security

All devices are networked in a closed system with LAN cables. Indoor stations are protected from outside access. The optional IP gateway acts as an interface to the Internet, whereby the public door communication system is completely isolated from the private network of the occupier. This provides maximum security to prevent data misuse.

ABB Welcome-IP intercom at Newmarket School

Newmarket School

Tiger Security recently installed an ABB Welcome-IP in Newmarket School to provide an intercom and access control solution for the new 4 storey school building. We were delighted with the ease of installation and setup, as well as the robust, tough exterior finish.

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