Bosch is a world leader in innovation and quality, with award-winning security technology products and systems.

Bosch alarm systems provide cost-effective, stable and reliable protection of property and premises. A wide range of models and control panels are available, providing burglar and intrusion protection for small or large security needs.

Bosch G Series alarms

The G Series is an enterprise level alarm system, which integrates intrusion detection, fire and access control into one control panel. The G Series is backwards compatible with most legacy alarm systems previously made by Radionics.

Bosch Solution 2000 and 3000 alarms

These models are designed for domestic security systems. They are easy-to-use, quick to install and flexible.

Bosch Solution 6000 alarms

The Solution 6000 model is for medium to large business security installations, and combines a traditional intrusion alarm with access control for up 144 zones.

Bosch Solution 844 alarms

The Solution 844 is a basic alarm kit, suitable for small, single-storey dwellings or buildings

Bosch Solution 880 and Solution 880 Ultima alarms

The 880 systems is suitable for small to medium home or business applications. The Ultima model is capable of controller wireless zones, making installation in existing buildings easier and more aesthetically pleasing.

Bosch CCTV camera systems

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