Elite S Series security system

The Elite S-Lite range of alarm kits by Arrowhead are suitable for home or small business security, but are fully expandable to cater for large installations. The kits come in a variety of hardware configurations.

The Elite S security system is designed and manufactured in New Zealand to give you a flexible, user-friendly and secure environment. Whether you are away or at home, the Elite S will integrate with your home or business to meet your security requirements.

Arrowhead alarms

The dedicated ‘STAY’ button allows you to easily arm areas of the property without having to remember several codes, for example, whilst in bed, all entrance ways can be armed, preventing intruders from reaching you or your family.

The in-built digital dialer can be used to report any alarm activations off site to a 24 hour monitoring centre, such as Tiger Security Alarm Monitoring, or up to 8 different personal phone numbers of your choice.

Other options include voice module to alert you with clear, custom messages of specific locations and/or types of alarms.

Using your cell phone or landline, you can remotely access your Elite S alarm panel to control certain functions, such as arming/disarming, receiving status reports, or controlling household items such as air conditioning, heat, or water.

The intelligent dialer feature will call you to inform you that selected users have disarmed the system.

Smart, attractive and reliable remote controls are available to provide extra functionality and flexibility. Remote buttons can be programmed to control simple operations, such as arm/disarm, lighting control, gates and more.

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