Ajax Wireless Alarms and Wireless Security Systems
ajax hub

Introducing Ajax – the most awarded wireless security system in Europe.

Ajax is the next generation in wireless alarm security. By choosing Ajax you get integrated protection that is easy to manage, tamper proof, pet-friendly, and responds instantly to attacks. Ajax baffles intruders, detects fire, detects flooding and controls appliances.

The free Ajax phone App turns your security components into one easy-to-manage system. Arm Ajax with a few taps. Switch on appliances in advance. Get instant notifications.

Ajax Wireless Alarms

Ajax Hub – the heart of the Ajax wireless security system

Ajax Hub & Hub2

Intelligent control panels with ethernet connection and Vodafone SIM option. Ajax Hub enables the performance of each device in the system. It monitors and controls devices using advanced wireless technology. Connects up to 50 users, 100 devices and 9 partitions. Note, the MotionCam detector camera requires Hub2 for operation.

Ajax Hub Plus

Intelligent control panel with WiFi and dual Vodafone or 2 Degrees SIM options. Connects up to 99 users, 150 devices and 25 partitions.

Ajax Hub2 Plus

Intelligent control panel with WiFi and dual Vodafone, 2 Degrees or Spark SIM options. Connects up to 200 users, 200 devices and 25 partitions.


The Ajax Remote/SpaceControl is a two-way wireless remote with a panic button.

Free Phone App

Download the free App for your Android or iPhone smartphone from the App Store.

Ajax Mobile Panic Feature 

Every person connected to your Ajax alarm system has a virtual ‘panic button’ on their Ajax phone App. When pressed the panic button will alert, in real time, every person connected, advising who activated it and where. All users will receive the notification and a Google Maps pin drop identifying the location globally.

Ajax Remote/SpaceControl
Ajax wireless alarm button


The Ajax wireless button can be programmed as a panic button or to control light switches, garage doors or gates, for example.

More information:

  • Contact us to discuss installation or support of Ajax products.

Ajax Product Range

Note: all Ajax products come in a choice of black or white to suit your decor.

  • Ajax Hub (discontinued)
  • Ajax Hub Plus (discontinued)
  • Ajax Hub 2, black or white
  • Ajax Hub 2 Plus, black or white
  • Ajax Remote/SpaceControl
  • Ajax Personal Button
  • Ajax Keypad
  • Ajax Keypad Plus White
  • Ajax RFID Pass
  • Ajax RFID Tag
Indoor Detectors
  • Ajax MotionProtect
  • Ajax MotionProtect Plus
  • Ajax CombiProtect
  • Ajax MotionCam
  • Ajax MotionProtect Curtain
  • Ajax DoorProtect
  • Ajax DoorProtect Plus
  • Ajax GlassProtect
Outdoor Detectors
  • Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor
  • Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor Hood
  • Ajax MotionCam Outdoor
  • Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor
Fire Protection
  • Ajax FireProtect
  • Ajax FireProtect Plus
Flood Protection
  • Ajax LeakProtect
Integration Modules
  • Ajax uartBridge
  • Ajax Multi-Transmitter
  • Ajax Transmitter
  • Ajax ocBridge
  • Ajax Relay
  • Ajax PowerSwitch
Power Supply Units
  • 12v PSU Adaptor for Hub/Hub Plus/REX
  • 12v PSU Adaptor for Hub2
  • 6v PSU Adaptor for Hub2/Hub2 Plus
Range Extenders

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