Intercom systems let you see or hear who is at the door.

Intercom systems have an important role to play in securing your business and home. Knowing and recognising who is at the door gives you peace of mind. Control access to your home, and view who is at the door before opening.

Quality cost effective video intercom systems from Tiger Security provide security and control to your home or business premises. With the growing trend of gated communities and high rise apartments; intercom systems are becoming more and more popular.

Not only do video intercom systems from Tiger Security provide an additional layer of security, they are also a great convenience.

Types of intercom systems

These can be either video or audio intercom systems. The main benefit is that visitors need to “announce” themselves.
If a video intercom system is used then the resident can see the visitor. No need to go to the lobby to let the visitor in; open the door from the comfort of your apartment. Residents use a button on the intercom system handset (or dial a code if it is a telephone based system) to open the door to approved visitors.
Intercom systems supplied and installed by Tiger Security are digital, which means the quality is good and the incidence of failure is minimised. Intercom systems can also perform an access control function; a key feature of the convergence of technology.
Intercom systems for home and office

Intercom system features

Most brands of intercom system have a wide range of features. These can range from just audio to audio and video. Often, integration with other systems is also possible. This includes CCTV cameras and access control systems.
Many intercom systems feature touch screen functionality, intercommunication between stations, adjustable video camera, handsfree functionality, wireless intercom handsets, features for the visually and hearing impaired and expandability.
The intercom systems supplied and installed by Tiger Security offer a wide range of features. There is an intercom system solutions for every circumstance.
With over thirty years of service in the security industry, our team has provided security solutions to a wide range of clients. We know how important it is to protect those you care about, your home and business.
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