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What is ‘smart security’?

The term Smart Security reflects the convergence of security and other technologies witnessed over the last decade.

The traditional view of a security system is that it is a stand-alone, self-contained system, which includes separate components for intrusion detection, intercoms and access control. While this traditional model still has an important part to play today (and may never be truly superseded), there is an emerging demand from customers for security systems which integrate seamlessly with other technologies, such as internet technologies, audio visual hardware and home/building automation systems, to provide a single, unified control centre for all aspects of a building or home’s use.

Building automation and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Security manufacturers are producing an increasing number of products to meet this demand. For example, the ICT Protege WX is a cost-effective, enterprise-scale, integrated security and building automation system.

The Aeotec MultiSensor 6 is not just a motion sensor; it can also detect lighting, temperature, humidity, vibration and UV levels. Added to this is the projected growth of the ‘Internet of Things’ (or IoT), where every machine or device conceivable, from the kitchen toaster or lawnmower, to the alarm motion or heat sensor, will be connected to one another, thereby allowing each of these devices to exchange information.

The data collected in these exchanges can then be used to automatically control the heating or lighting in a building, or, in terms of security, to arm or disarm the alarm or intrusion system.

Next steps

The technology of Smart Security is evolving quickly. With our in-house expertise and that of our partners, Tiger Security is well-positioned to implement the security system of the future for you today.

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