ICT Protege, Honeywell, NESS and Bosch are the ideal security system solutions for commercial applications.

Our core products will cater for every commercial security system requirement. We are ideally positioned to provide customers with the solution and product that suits their requirements.

The alarm system recommended by your Tiger Security representative will adhere to our goal of providing customers with the best cost effective solution, utilising high-end products that are distributed and supported in New Zealand.

NESS and Bosch are suitable for small to mid-sized commercial applications and ICT Protege is suitable for larger installations. Our technical staff are well versed in a wide range of brands and systems. Other brands we support include, but not limited to, Tecom Challenger, Paradox, Inner Range (Integriti and Concept models), Genesis, Solution, Honeywell and more.

Alarms for small and medium business at Tiger Security
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A commercial security alarm system will usually comprise a mix of sensor types – passive infra red detectors, door contacts for standard and roller doors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, outdoor beams and a range of specialist detectors. A number of key pads and sirens may also be required. Integrated security systems Integrated security systems at the very least comprise security alarm, monitoring and access control functionality. Integrated systems is a generic term for describing what the security industry calls “bigger systems” or systems with multi function capability. These systems range in size and capability. The very best offer unlimited functionality and in many cases you are only constrained by your imagination.

Building management functions – air conditioning, lift control, electrical control, etc. – and high level CCTV integration services are now also included. In terms of security and access control functions systems such as the Protege will offer unlimited:

  • Users Events Schedules
  • Doors
  • Areas Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Keypads
  • Expander Modules
Sky scraper office building security alarms

Traditional systems

The traditional big system brands include Tecom Challenger, Inner Range Concept (and now Integriti), Genesis, Cardax to name a few. We are familiar with these systems and can assist you to extend, enhance or upgrade your existing system. You could stick to what you know: fragile circuit board type components that haven’t changed for years. Or you could choose an altogether more powerful solution. The Protege DIN Rail units are compact, robust and elegant.

With over thirty years of service in the security industry, our team has provided security solutions to a wide range of clients. We know how important it is to protect those you care about and your business.

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