A monitored security alarm system is a good starting point when considering the security requirements for your home and the safety of your family.

A good quality monitored security alarm, that is easy to use should be your first choice. The security alarm system should have scope to add smoke detectors, additional intruder detection sensors, pet sensors if required and can be monitored off site by our professional alarm monitoring service.

We have recognised that customers are interested in convergence of technologies, the use of smart phone applications to manage technology and the desire to be in control. We also recognise that lifestyles are changing and less reliance is being placed on copper wire communications and more emphasis on Internet Protocol (IP) communications.
Therefore we have been careful to select the best house alarm systems that meet the convergence criteria. Smartphone applications have paved the way for customers to have more control over many aspects of the home environment, including security alarm systems.
Many of the house alarm systems on offer can be managed using a smartphone. Complement the residential security alarm system with the Tiger Security alarm monitoring service, a quality digital camera (CCTV) system, a video intercom, good locks and patio bolts and you will have a safe secure home. A home which deters the would-be intruder, but is not invasive to your lifestyle.
One of the dilemmas in the security industry is whether to offer a wired or a wireless system. Wireless technology has improved significantly in the last decade.
The final choice will be based around your requirements, features and benefits required, ease of installation and monitoring options. Tiger Security has examples of wired systems and wireless systems. Most systems can be monitored off site by our professional monitoring service utilising traditional analogue telephone line technology, Internet Protocol and/or GSM technology.

Bespoke home alarm security solutions

If you require a more sophisticated home alarm system, we can help. Simply contact us to arrange a free appraisal and quote. Tiger Security will:
  • Safeguard your assets
  • Offer cost-effective security alarm systems
  • Suggest appropriate Intercom and CCTV options
  • Provide security with smart phone apps
  • Undertake a free security survey of your home
  • Offer competitive off site monitoring
Home and residential security alarms

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