Closed circuit television (CCTV) and home CCTV cameras help you keep an eye on what’s going on, and what has been going on, around your property.

We don’t need to tell you that keeping your home, business or property safe is important. You’re not just looking after possessions – you’re securing your health, your future and your peace-of-mind.

From single security camera systems that can be monitored using your smartphone to complete setups designed to cover every inch of the property, there’s a CCTV camera solution to help you stay and feel secure.

CCTV applications

There are many situations that would benefit from a CCTV system. And there are many instances where such solutions have been deployed. Industrial processes that take place under conditions dangerous for humans are today often supervised by CCTV cameras.

For example instances in the chemical industry. Special cameras for some of these purposes include line-scan cameras and thermographic cameras which allow operators to measure the temperature of the processes.

Traffic monitoring cameras are used in may cities and motorway networks around New Zealand. Closed-circuit television is used to detect congestion and notice accidents. Other surveillance cameras serve as traffic enforcement cameras.

Transport systems use CCTV cameras to aid in the management of railway lines, subways and bus stations. Trains are monitored to ensure passengers are clear of doors before closing the door. They also aid with public safety at the stations.

Retailers often use CCTV cameras that are integrated with EFTPOS and stock systems. In conjunction with our strategic partner and supplier, Tiger Security is ideally placed to assist with the planning and implementation of such systems.

Schools can use CCTV cameras to monitor student safety in the public areas of the school, deter would be bullies etc. CCTV cameras may be installed in school to monitor visitors, track unacceptable student behaviour and maintain a record of evidence in the event of a crime.

There are some restrictions on installation, with cameras not being installed in an area where there is a “reasonable expectation of privacy”, such as bathrooms, gym locker areas and private offices. CCTV cameras are generally acceptable in hallways, parking lots, front offices where students, employees, and parents come and go, gymnasiums, cafeterias, supply rooms and classrooms.

CCTV security camera technology

CCTV security camera technology has moved on from the grainy analogue video images stored on VHS tape to world class digital systems, and systems ‘in between’. The saying “you get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to choosing your system. That’s why we have been very careful in our choice of CCTV camera product. In keeping with our mantra of providing customers with the best cost effective solution utilising high end products that are distributed and supported in New Zealand. Manufacturers are constantly improving and updating their product offering.

Digital Video Recorders

The term ‘head-end’ is a bit of jargon used to describe the recording of the video imagery. This could be a Digital Video Recorder, Network Video Recorder and some software. Digital Video Recorders are sold in many configurations. Customers need to be aware that Digital Video Recorders vary significantly in terms of capability, performance, quality, reliability, support, compatibility and price. Read and understand the spec sheet. Sometimes manufacturers will promote performance qualities that cannot be attained. It is quite common for the spec to say such things as Real time recording and D1 resolution.

In many cases recorders cannot record all cameras at this resolution and speed. A closer look may indicate that real-time recording requires a limited number of cameras or resolution, and that D1 resolution is only possible for a limited number of cameras, recorded at slower speeds, and often at very high compression (i.e. low quality). This is a situation where quality and quantity of video imagery is being sacrificed for price.

Network Video Recorders

A network video recorder (NVR) is a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device. An NVR contains no dedicated video capture hardware. However, the software is typically run on a dedicated device, usually with an embedded operating system. Alternatively, to help support increased functionality and serviceability, standard Linux and Windows operating systems are used with standard Intel processors and video management software.

Network Video Recorders are typically deployed in an IP CCTV camera video surveillance system.

Internet Protocol (IP) security cameras

An Internet Protocol CCTV camera, or IP CCTV camera, is a digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and sends and receives data via a computer network and the Internet. There are many brands and models of IP CCTV cameras. They loosely fit into two categories:

  • Those which require a central Network Video Recorder (NVR) to handle the recording, video and alarm management
  • Those which do not require a central Network Video Recorder (NVR), as the cameras have recording function built-in and can thus record directly to any standard storage media, such as SD cards.

IP CCTV cameras are further classified by their pixel rating (1.2MP, 1.3MP, 3MP, 5MP and so on), lens type and various features. Although many of the top brands are compatible with the top brands of DVR/NVR at Tiger Security and we are of the view that the best solution is using one brand for your CCTV solution. Manufacturers now produce bundled solutions.

Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure refers to the client’s data network and generally comprises Cat6 cable or fibre, network switches, power over internet switches and other items.

In many cases client’s existing networks can be utilised. With our team and partners of highly skilled data engineers and technicians, Tiger Security is well placed to assist with the design and implementation of data networks. With particular reference to schools, the team is Ministry of Education approved.

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CCTV cameras – seeing in the dark Hikvision

CCTV cameras supplied by Tiger Security all have infrared night vision, which allows the cameras to see and record in the dark. In many instances the distance is 30m and up to 120m.

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