Tiger Security offers a range of options for the servicing of your security system, whether it is an alarm, intercom, CCTV, security camera, or an access control product.

Regular checks of your system by a Tiger Security professional will help identify any issues with the product, it’s programming, or power supply.

Servicing can range from a casual call out service to a formal six monthly or twelve monthly system check. The rates that will apply vary according to your needs. At the time of purchasing a system or product from Tiger Security, we will discuss your ongoing service requirements. Ongoing service and maintenance is separate from the manufacturer’s warranty, which remains in place for the warranted time period regardless of any servicing arrangement.

The Tiger Security servicing and maintenance agreement

A service call can be a one-off job, or can be part of an ongoing contract with Tiger Security. One of the benefits of this is that we keep tabs on the health of your security system, and can schedule in maintenance checks. Our Servicing and Maintenance Agreement is in four parts: The agreement itself, which outlines your expectations, the equipment to be serviced, the location of the equipment to be serviced, frequency of scheduled servicing and Tiger Security’s responsibilities:

  • Schedule 1 is the report the technician completes at the conclusion of a scheduled service. It includes a list of batteries replaced and makes recommendations on other items requiring replacement and enhancements to improve the performance of the system(s).
  • Schedule 2 defines various features of the service agreement and details the service fees.
  • Schedule 3 is a separate report the technician completes at the conclusion of a scheduled service of an intercom system.
  • The final item is the Technician Service Report. This is completed by the technician responding to a call out request which is not part of a scheduled services.

CCTV system maintenance

Tiger Security will take full responsibility for inspecting and reporting on any CCTV data network infrastructure installed by Tiger Security for the purposes of providing the client with a useable CCTV system. This includes any cabling or fibre installation and any electronic components supplied as part of that network. Where an existing data network or a new data network installed by others was used, Tiger Security is not required to inspect nor comment on the performance of this network.

Existing systems

Tiger Security can service a wide range of systems. If your existing system is not performing as you would like, we will take a fresh look at the system.

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