Security alarm monitoring is a quick and specific communication between your security system and Tiger Security Alarm Monitoring (TSAM), our central monitoring station.

The security system triggers an event and sends a signal to TSAM, which is staffed by professional security experts around the clock – 24/7/, 365 days a year. When TSAM receives the signal the actions you authorised when you signed up are implemented.

Your security alarm system control panel is the “brains” of a network of sensors, which may include window or door sensors, motion detectors and more. When your system is armed and any of these sensors are triggered, a signal is sent to TSAM usually via your telephone line.

However internet, GPRS and cellphone options are also now available. Critical information is sent by your home or business security alarm system to TSAM.

This information includes data that will identify your address and which type of sensor has been triggered. The response to a smoke detector will be different to that of a medical emergency. The appropriate response will be implemented.

Monitored security alarms are a great deterrent – burglars know they have little time to carry out their plans, so they often skip places where there is greater risk to them. As well as contacting us when there’s an activation, your alarm will talk to our system daily and let us know if there are any technical issues or low battery warnings, so we can stop small issues snowballing into larger ones. A big bonus is most insurance companies offer discounts for properties protected by monitored security alarm systems.

A monitored security alarm is all about added peace of mind with professionals protecting your property and providing fast backup when you need it most.

How does Tiger Security Alarm Monitoring work?

We can see in an instant when an alarm is activated. Your phone line will send TSAM details and location of the activation, so we know how best to respond. We can also identify if there are multiple threats, to save you walking into a dangerous situation.

In the event of an activation we’ll follow your instructions. This could mean contacting you or working through a contact list to receive further instructions, sending a guard to your premises, or we’ll notify the appropriate emergency services on your behalf. Residential monitoring is provided on an activation only basis.

This means there is no checking on setting and unsetting of the alarm system. There is generally a 24 hour health check. This should be timed for the middle of the night. Some do-it-yourself systems are self monitored and cannot be monitored using TSAM.

Business monitoring is provided on a scheduled basis. In other words checking that the alarm is set by the prescribed time and following up any time the alarm is unset outside of the prescribed times.

Monitoring fees are payable by monthly automatic payment and are inclusive of GST. Prices vary according to the scope and sophistication of the alarm system being monitored, but will generally start from as low as $23.00 per month for basic residential monitoring. Click here to see our alarm monitoring deals.

Business rates are generally higher due to the added complexity of most commercial alarm systems.

With over thirty years of service in the security industry, our team has provided security solutions to a wide range of clients. We know how important it is to protect those you care about, your home and business.

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