Paradox Digiplex and Digiplex EVO systems provide the highest level of protection for banks, high-security military and government sites, luxurious residential homes and any place where maximum security is essential.

These systems are designed to be easy to use and the modular concept of these systems provides installers with labour-saving features that make expanding, installing and servicing them quick and convenient. Expand your system by adding plug-and-play expansion modules anywhere and in any combination on the 4-wire com-bus.

Modules are connected to the combus at the most convenient location and then their zone inputs are assigned to the desired zone and partition. Also, only a module’s used inputs are assigned to zones in the system.

Keyswitches, remote controls and unused module inputs do not use up zones. Once installed, all combus modules, including motion detectors, can be programmed remotely via a keypad, the WinLoad Installer Upload/Download software, or via the BabyWare PC Software. Digiplex and Digiplex EVO integrate access control solutions. Your alarm system user database can be used to manage the access to up to 32 doors, and the monitoring of these doors can be included in any partitions. You can also use Winload and NEware to manage users and access permissions.

By merging security and access control, the Digiplex and Digiplex EVO increase the level of protection offered by security systems to a new level.

Paradox Insight Paradox Insight™ App is the first and only integrated solution of HD video/audio monitoring with superior security capabilities that allows users to see and hear what is going on and protect their home or business anytime, anywhere right from their smartphone. In a case of a security breach, Paradox Insight™ App provides HD videos with high quality audio of events for visual verification and reporting purposes.

HD video and audio camera (720p) Unlimited viewing / recording of live HD video and audio streaming – anytime, anywhere Instant video and audio notification with 10FPS JPGs for alarm verification Free SDK enables CMS automation software to receive both video and alarm for efficient event reporting User privacy protection – set of permissions limit non-master users and CMS system access Secure multiple locations via one app Self-monitoring application allows immediate access to secure locations from anywhere.

Paradox access control

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