UR Fog are a world-renowned manufacturer of fog cannons.

UR Fog have their headquarters in Italy, from where they export their systems to over 80 countries.

Innovative and powerful

UR Fog is the most innovative and powerful anti-intrusion system on the market.

A team of professionals and engineers with more than 20 years of experience guarantee continuous development of new products designed to provide optimal protection for any environment. We are market leader in the security sector, thanks to the high quality and superior tecnology of our products, guaranteed by the company’s in-house technical expertise and patents protecting technological innovations.

Ur Fog fog cannons

Alarm systems can just inform you about the theft but cannot help to avoid it. The thieves take less then 3 minutes to commit a crime as they usially know where to go and what to steal. The police need at least 10-15 minutes to reach the premises.

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